Holly Franks

Just by chance, or was it, I happened to see an article in a magazine at Natural Grocers about women that were doing something called low carb high fat for weight loss and hormonal regulation, so being the trooper and health conscious person I am, I decided to follow yet another diet! I have done the cabbage soup diet , RAW, vegetarian, low fat, low fat, low fat ,high starch, low fat again, HCG, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Medifast, South Beach, and Suzanne Sommers. I did LCHF all wrong, way too much fat and artificial sweetener but started to see a noticeable improvement in my energy and moods anyway I knew I was on to something. I put my family on this way of eating and soon everyone was losing weight., and seeing the benefits, especially my son, who is on the spectrum. This soon turned into the Ketogenic way of eating.

Going Ketogenic was more psychologically challenging than the physical food changes. However, inflammation around my knees disappeared, then the belly fat started to come off, my hair got healthier, my anger lessened, hunger disappeared, I felt in control of myself, and that was all the proof I needed to continue, my whole focus shifted off of EATING food! Our society is BOMBARDED with fake fast food. Yes, Panera and Chipotle are fast food! Now, I will eat there on occasion just because, that's the reality. We go to amusement parks every year and it is very challenging. But the good thing about eating properly and being a fat burner, not a sugar burner, is you can go without food and feel just fine and reap the benefits of fasting. There is always water around to quench you until you can have a nutrient dense meal. My lifelong battle with disordered eating, moodiness, hormonal issues, body pain, constantly searching for words, postpartum depression (at 44 years old!), and sleep disturbances finally seemed to be dissipating, my body was healing. I was able to remove the stress of food on my mind and body to move forward. Keto is hard, it takes a Paradigm shift as well as a commitment.

No matter what my weight I have always had a very bad self image, that I was in constant search of a fix or fixer. So it must be my hormones that need to be fixed , right, or wait, my Thyroid is too high or too low but looks just fine on paper. Why do my bones hurt then, wrists swollen, cant turn over in bed from so much pain, here and there, everywhere? I must be too fat! Why are my face and eyes inflamed, it must be Lupus, I must need to go to the doctor maybe I have MS too, sometimes I fall down when I get up from sitting. Why can’t I sleep, I must need a c-pap. Why do I have female problems all the time, I must need a hysterectomy.( which I got.) The numerous battery of tests have never shown anything, ever. See a pattern here, the rollercoaster of misinformation coupled with poor self image and depression and hopelessness, thinking I am going to lose my mind. If I could just get better I would be happy. This is the reality for a lot of people. Eating has never been about “comfort” it has always been about punishing myself. I am not good, forget about the “good enough”, I am just plain ole not good period. Moral of this story , psychology and physicality go hand in hand. Stress and bad food equal illness.

For me the Ketogenic way of eating has been a life saver, life changer and catalyst that propelled me to seek out more knowledge. I wanted the science, the anthropology of it all. I went to Keto-con in Austin, Texas, the very first one, and saw speakers that impressed me beyond belief, l will admit there were ALOT of doctors there and that impressed upon me the value of the ketogenic way of life. As a society, credentials should not be the determining factor of our compliance or not. So I did some sleuthing, when researching one of the speakers, Norah Gedgaudas author of Primal Fat Burner, and Primal Body primal mind who is nothing short of a “Word Goddess”, I noticed the letters NTP in her credentials. I researched the NTP program, a Holistic Nutrition certification program through the Nutritional Therapy Association and was thrilled that it was a program designed for people just like myself. I already had a degree in Leadership/Sociology and didn't fancy getting an RD. I’m too much of a rebel to sit through that, knowing full well the harm the STANDARD AMERICAN DIET has done to our society, not to mention how the low fat recommendations are killing us. I am an advocate for Primalgenic (patented by Norah Gedgaudas) and Ketogenic/Banting eating for optimal health because I’ve seen the science and ketosis is optimal whether carnivore or vegetarian.. I believe in a WHOLE FOODS diet and that is suitable for EVERYONE.

The Nutritional Therapy Practitioner program has given me the foundational holistic background in nutrition I was looking for. Nutritional Therapy , diet and lifestyle changes allows me to be empowered and in control of my future. Who knew the human body MUST HAVE FAT to make proper hormones, absorb vitamins, and create energy and cushion your vital organs. Now I know that insulin resistance causes belly fat, and vegetable oil is rancid and causes inflammation in the body. I learned that years of prescribed NSAIDS was actually counterintuitive to prostaglandin production, my body would never be able to heal itself. Mature dehydration caused severe joint pain, kidney stones, and stresses to the liver to detox efficiently. I know that leaky gut caused from undigested food because of low stomach ph and food intolerances have an impact on the brain and serotonin levels. I now know the body can be parasitic and seek out food to feed the parasites. The human body loves glucose but guess what , it makes it all by itself, no need to give it more, genius! Who knew the absence of sugar overload would boost my immune system and stabilize moods and decrease those nightly wake ups.. I have come to love Anatomy and Physiology because you can’t spin it, it does not discriminate, it isn't partisan, and best of all… it isn't my opinion. The body works in ONE WAY. Yes, certainly we are each unique and have our own bio-individuality, however, there is only one A&P book for us all. There IS absolutely one diet that fits all, it’s called the WHOLE FOODS DIET, properly prepared and nutrient dense that can be tailored to your wishes.

I am happy to pay it forward and offer my detective skills to those that have had years of issues like myself that never seem to get better, by following the innate intelligence of what their body is showing them, through symptoms. Many allopathic modalities of western medicine are not treating the whole person or addressing root cause systemically that's what I am here for, to nutritionally and holistically correct how your body is functioning on the terms WE SET TOGETHER. It is about progress not perfection.

Be Wildly Well

Holly Franks