What is a Functional Evaluation and Lingual-neuro testing?

The FE is a hands on communication with your body. A series of palpations are administered to various areas of the body that corelate with digestion, blood sugar, hydration, minerals, adrenals, thyroid and immune system in order the determine a tenderness rating . This rating gives the practitioner knowledge on what areas of dysfunction to address first. Lingual-neuro testing is the next process of using natural supplements to test what nutrients your body needs to perform at its best. For example, not everyone needs just B vitamins, specific behaviors indicate whether you would be a B type that needs thiamine or a G type that needs Riboflavin. The LNT is an amazing tool to determine what your bio individual needs are. It is not mandatory to do this process, however, the results are far superior and pinpoint exactly what your body wants to heal itself.